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Valve Index VR Kit
The Walking Dead - The Final Season

Epic Games Store Launcher Issues

However, trying to complete The Walking Dead – The Final Season has been one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I have encountered in a long time. And it makes me weary about purchasing anymore games from the Epic Games Store in the near future.

Steam Autumn Sale Shenanigans

Update: 11/23/2016, 2:51 PM, reviews are now available again. Steam’s glorious Autumn sale is upon us, where you can get those games you have delayed purchasing either due to high […]

Steam Gifts now has mutually exclusive giveaways on Steamgifts and Youtube. Steam Group Nichstaroni giveaways will be posted on @ Join steam group to enter giveaways. Subscribe to to enter Youtube giveaways. How will giveaways work?: […]