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Tag: Steam Giveaways

the coma recut

The Coma, Onikira and Monster Slayers Steam Giveaway

Twitter: @Nichstaroni Subscribe: Twitch: Using Steamgift’s Invite Only has worked out ok so far, so let’s keep it going. Five more games: Monster Slayers Onikira – Demon Killer […]

Display Winners

Display Giveaway Winners

TL/DR: I turned off "Display Winner", otherwise the giveaway plugin status is normal. Plugin selects a winner and emails them.

Entry Confirmation Required

Giveaway Entry Confirmation Now Required

Update: Giveaway entry confirmation is now active. Check your email after entering a giveaway for the confirmation link. I have enabled a feature in the giveaway plugin that I use, which requires giveaway entry confirmation.

Is PUBG the 2017 Game of the Year?

I am not saying PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is the best game of 2017, and I don’t even play it. But the way PUBG has dominated the Steam platform player stats, has […]


Grand Theft Auto V Giveaway

Twitter: @Nichstaroni Subscribe: Twitch: Grand Theft Auto V is probably the best game I never appreciated. I played the single player a little and barely played online. I […]

Need For Speed Payback Proves…

That, I am still a bad video game driver. But, I will finish this game come hell or high water! Even though I am terrible. I have completed two games […]