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Anthem Ranger Javelin

Anthem’s Loot System is Not Bugged

Anthem's loot system is not bugged, and anyone who is trying to scientifically analyze it, is missing the obvious clue. Electronic Arts Inc is a publicly listed company.

Anthem Javelins

Anthem Water Skimming

I usually just fly until I overheat, then run a little bit, waiting for cooldown, then takeoff again. I never considered flying near water sources, until I saw an Interceptor do it, in game.

Anthem Game: The Predator

Anthem Javelin Painting

I have spent several hours in the Forge, trying to recreate some of my favorite superheros and movie characters. The main drawback right now, is that you can only have five painted suits saved, per Javelin. And because I have decided to only play Ranger and Storm, I can only save ten painted suits.

Anthem Ranger Javelin

Anthem’s Convoluted Launch Schedule

So, they post a video on February 14, and in the video they say the number one question people are asking is about the launch date. Oh, by the way, it's tomorrow, February early access for Origin Premier and EA Access...

Anthem Ranger Javelin

Anthem Launch Trailer

I hope they improved the gunplay and made it more satisfying, because right now, it feels like The Division 1 gunplay.

Anthem Game: The Predator

Anthem Endgame Overview

This trailer promises a lot of content after end game. More loot, Contracts, Challenges, Freeplay and Strongholds. Curiously, it does not mention micro-transactions. :D


Anthem VIP Demo – Lol Update by EA

I am not participating in the Anthem VIP Demo, because reasons...But I am hoping Bioware/EA refines the game before launch, because Anthem is the closest thing to Firefall, I have seen in a while.


Anthem VIP Demo and EA Servers

At first I was laughing at Bioware/EA for their Anthem VIP Demo server troubles, but then I thought, this may actually be a good thing for EA.

Anthem Ranger Javelin

Anthem Ranger Gameplay – Titans (Developer Livestream)

I am planning on playing the Ranger and Storm classes (Javelins) in Anthem, mainly due to time constraints. That is, I will not have the time to focus on more than two Javelins. Plus I do not like tank (Colossus) and melee (Interceptor) classes.