Red Dead Redemption 2

There are two reasons I purchased a Ps3 in 2009. The first reason was Borderlands, the other Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption was great. I totally enjoyed hunting, skinning animals […]


ReCore Gameplay

ReCore is absolutely beautiful and the voice acting is great. I think it's the first Xbox Play Anywhere game. That is purchase one digital copy and you can play it either on Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC.



ReCore aka Alyx and Dog’s Desert Adventure aka Borderlands Single Player. 🙂 Those are the two main vibes I am getting from ReCore. Plus the recurring Predator theme, every time Joule shouts: “Mack!” ReCore […]

Bioshock vs Bioshock Remastered

If you are considering getting Bioshock 1 or 2, get the remastered version, on sale. Even if you can afford it, still get it on sale. $59.99 is too much […]

No Man’s Sky – Best Non-Buy In Years!

Everyday this past week, I have checked the Steam Stats Page to check up on No Man’s Sky current players count. The game launched with over 200,000 players and for a fleeting moment, I thought […]

Trade Lock, Hashtags and Giveaways

I am currently trade locked until Thursday, August 25, 2016. Once my account is live again, I will trade with last weeks winners. Just a couple more days, and I […]

Genuine Arkham Knight Set

Here’s a chance to win a Genuine Arkham Knight Set for TF2. Just subscribe to my Youtube channel, and use the hashtag it the video to enter. -Nichstaroni

Rainbow Six Siege Mustard

Some   action in murky yellow stuff. 🙂 And as usual, there is a TF2 key giveaway for my Youtube subscribers. -Nichstaroni


Some Rainbow Six Siege action in murky yellow stuff. 🙂 And as usual, there is a TF2 key giveaway for my Youtube subscribers. -Nichstaroni

DOOM – Kadingir Sanctum Part 1

I am thoroughly enjoying this section of the DOOM campaign playthrough. Check it out. Giveaway is one CS:GO key. Subscribers use the hashtag in the video to enter. -Nichtaroni.

Giveaway Begins Today!

The 4 month giveaway on my Youtube Channel – Nichstaroni, begins today! Check out the first video: If you are a subscriber to my Youtube Channel – Nichstaroni, you can participate by using […]

DOOM 2016: Argent Tower

I decided to play some DOOM 2016 on PC, since I have had the game for like 2 months and I have barely played it. The video also contains some […]

GTA V – Cunning Stunts

One of the most fun times I have had streaming live, and I did not win a single race. In fact, I did not finish any race. But it was […]