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The Spectacular World of Outriders, a Review


Outriders should be a Game of the Year contender, but it probably will not be because of launch day issues: server connectivity, graphics instability, inventory deleting and progress reset bugs, to name a few. But, the campaign is absolutely fantastic and quite memorable.

I had frustrating moments, especially when an event or boss had two stages and failure in the second stage resulted in a reset to stage one…I know it’s an old common game mechanic, but it is still annoying.

After I barely and luckily complete a section, that sense of accomplishment is frustrated by the requirement to complete another section without a checkpoint save in between. This game mechanic frustrates and annoys more than it pleases in a single player campaign. Repeating missions belongs in multiplayer games or the multiplayer portion of this game, not the story portion because of the time investment required to complete the campaign.

In other words, it’s perfectly understandable to invest forty five minutes to an hour repeating a timed trial in multiplayer, but the time invest in a section of a game’s story is geared towards completing and moving on to the next section.

A story section in a game is like a chapter in a novel: read, enjoy and move on. Not, read over and over again like it’s the Bible. Or starting over from the first page of the chapter because you were interrupted by an incoming phone call. No, you just pick up where you left off, which is where a checkpoint would come in. The two-stage, no checkpoint game mechanic contributes to low game completion rates, because some players simply cannot get past a section in the game’s story or can’t be bothered to do it.

My complaint is probably overcome by events because Outriders allows lowering of the game’s difficulty. But I did not want to lower it, until I reached endgame at 2 AM, and decided I fought a few bosses like this before, I just want to know what happens at the end.

I liked the implementation of the side missions: even though they are sometimes directionally buggy or may not activate when you get to the right location. Going back to the game’s lobby and re-entering the campaign usually fixed the faulty GPS or in-game missing mission start button. The high reward giving Hunt missions were my favorite.

Shooting Enoch’s native fauna and other modified humanoid was very satisfying. The visual and sonic feedback of enemies being dispatched was quite enjoyable.

I chose the Pyromancer as my first class because I like dealing fire damage in games. The Pyromancer’s skill tree grants bonuses to the Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun and Light Machine Gun, but scrap the last two, the Assault Rifle is all that’s needed. Be sure to change the weapon variant to Tactical and equip mods to Burn, Freeze, apply Ash or call down lightning on an enemy.

The Altered in Outriders is a modified human with powerful god-like abilities that would make even Zeus himself wish he had an Assault Rifle that can call down lightning.

Outriders is at times frustrating, but it is also an epic story containing funny and spectacular moments set in environments that truly amaze.

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