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Godzilla vs. Kong Is a Beautiful Spectacle

Godzilla vs. Kong started with great intro music and beautiful cinematography and from there, the movie got even prettier. Godzilla looks good and more like a natural reptile but Kong looks better, thicker and hairier. The CGI in this movie is excellent.

The male child acquaintance of Madison is two-parts annoying and one-part idiot. This clown grabs the steering wheel of a moving vehicle because he did not like the song on the radio. Instead of just changing the radio station like a normal person, from the center console, he grabbed the steering wheel…

The overacting from the male characters in this movie was ridiculous. They screamed unnecessarily and very loudly at times, and I could not understand or relate to why anyone would react like this. I mean, they go monster hunting at a site where they suspect monsters are being kept, they see a monster and start screaming and running. The monster then sees them and chases them. Just extra for no reason.

It’s like if you see a carnivore on a Safari, he’s off in the distance minding his own business, you then start screaming and running. It’s a Safari, what do you expect to be here? House cats?

Kong and the little girl, Jia (Kaylee Hottle) are the stars of this movie. This movie is what a good Transformers movie should be, about the Transformers or Kong in this case, instead of the stupid humans.

The technology displayed in this movie is amazing, especially the hollow-earth scenes. This movie looks like a next-gen movie. Incredible.

Don’t ask me about the plot because it involves the humans and a lot of talking about their motivations etc., but I did not care about them. The movie is called Godzilla vs. Kong, so give me that and put all the human dialogue in the end credits.

The humans are just a waste of time in this movie, even the lovely Rebecca Hall.

All future DC movies should look at least as good as Godzilla vs. Kong. A beautiful and entertaining spectacle.

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