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Aliens: Fireteam Announcement Trailer

Aliens: Fireteam looks like Aliens: Colonial Marines 2, but I am still excited about the game.

Alien fans are so starved for a good Alien game that we will try almost anything or at least get excited when we hear a Plasma rifle.

One of the keys to this game succeeding is the price. If they price it like Valheim, gamers will think they are getting value for their money and sales will be strong.

If they price it at $59.99, and release it with a lot of bugs and try to pull that “Early Access” bs, I can see Aliens: Fireteam getting a mostly negative rating at launch and be considered a failure like Alien: Colonial Marines. I like Alien: Colonial Marines because I got it late, cheap.

Basically, it’s perception. A publisher can release a buggy game for $19.99 and it ends up being a hit. Release the same buggy game for $59.99 and it will fail.

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