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For Profit Company Does For Profit Things, Internet is Bewildered. The Story of CD PROJEKT RED and Cyberpunk 2077

The World’s greatest video game company released an unplayable mess of a game on consoles, and there was consternation on Al Gore’s Internet from hardcore gaming super-fans because they do not understand that CD PROJEKT RED (CDPR) does not care about them and it’s just business.

For some reason gamers think that because a company (CDPR, Valve etc.) makes a game that is universally loved, that it somehow means said company cares about consumers and not profit. It’s that naïvete that gets rewarded with capitalistic reality occasionally. And my cynical persona always enjoy seeing gamers get their wake up call.

CD PROJEKT RED put out a non-convincing “apology” about how they are sorry and plan to do better, after their stock price fell temporarily and reduced that $8 Billion valuation, because that’s the only thing they care about, money. Just like every other for profit business.

“Dear gamers,” they are our friends, get it?

CDPR released Cyberpunk 2077 buggy because they had record pre-orders, and they did not want to give that money back, and my cynical nature tells me they already had their apology filed and ready to go, ahead of the game’s release on consoles.

Anyway, this will soon be quickly forgotten when Cyberpunk 2077 is patched next year just in time for release on next-gen consoles and the super-fans will say everything was overblown because they themselves did not experience any bugs. What bugs?

CDPR made sure to embargo pre-release Let’s Plays under the guise of creating a spoiler free environment for the game’s release, when it was more likely they did not want gamers to know they were buying an unfinished product on consoles. Then they release an apology…I applaud the brazenness of their sinister strategy.

The truth is gaming company do not respect game journalism, so they will blatantly lie to their faces and misdirect and still get high scores and platitudes.

Check out these actual hilarious bylines from gaming publications that has on it’s website advertising Cyberpunk 2077:

“A beautiful and sprawling RPG” – IGN

“Gameplay blew us away” – Game Informer

“Overwhelming with all its detail” – GameSpot

“It looks incredible” – VG247

Even though CDPR has a generous refund policy where they will refund a game, even if you finish it, they know most gamers will not refund the game. Instead gamers will continue with the buggy gameplay while waiting for a patch, then ultimately praise CDPR for fixing the game a year later. Capitalism.

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