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Just Cause 4 is Better than Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just Cause 4 is a better game than Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sure they are not the same type of game, one is fun and the other is a simulator.

Other than prettier graphics, how is Microsoft Flight Simulator better than Just Cause 4? How Sway?

There was high praise recently for two gentlemen who flew for 16 hours from somewhere to somewhere, in real time. My question is, why? Were they stuck? If they were playing Just Cause 4, they could’ve just got out of the plane mid-flight. No landing required, just get out.

Microsoft Flight Simulator emphasizes its weather effects, but forget flying through a storm, can you ride a Tornado? Because in Just Cause 4 you can. In fact, I rode one for 100 KM and at the end my controller developed drift stick.

You can also board in-flight aircraft from the ground or air in JC4, remove the pilot and take over the aircraft. And you can land helicopters on airships. None of these things are possible in MFS.

If you got this far and do not realize that I am kidding, I am, sort of.

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