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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Graphics Card and Settings

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is surprisingly graphically demanding and my GTX 980 is struggling mightily to render quality images at 60 fps. It’s surprising because I play Borderlands 3 just fine, and it is a more graphically demanding game than Breakpoint.

So, it may be that Breakpoint is not properly optimized or maybe it’s my diminished skill or a combination of both…But I had the warmest time trying to traverse the first objective of the game, even though I had played it before during the free beta a few months back.

My GTX 980 is very dated, so I do need a new graphics card, but even after dropping all settings to low, and making other adjustments, I could not get a steady 60 fps with a sharp image. This is even more surprising because I get decent graphics in The Division 2, and both games are made by the same company.

Long-term, I hope Breakpoint continues to drop in price so I can purchase it in a few months, and hopefully by then a new graphics driver is released that improves performance of older cards like my GTX 980 or the game is better optimized.

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