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EA Bans FIFA Pro Kurt0411 From All EA Games

EA says they basically got tired of FIFA Pro Kurt0411 and his antics, which according to EA included threatening behavior.

The story between EA and Kurt0411 is long and sordid and at this point I don’t know if there is even a right or wrong side anymore.

Companies have to worry about online psychos, so I get it. And I do not know Kurt0411 personally, but from what I can tell he is just a habitual line-stepper who tries to see how far he can take his “war” against EA.

EA knows exactly what they are doing here. They are trying to hurt Kurt0411 in his wallet by banning him from their game, EA Sports FIFA 20, by claiming some Terms of Service Code of Conduct violation.

This seems like EA is trying to punish someone who has leveled up to be a giant pain in their butt. And because of social media they cannot silence him, so the next best thing is to stop his earnings.

And according to Kurt0411, EA tried to get him banned from other platforms like Twitch and YouTube. That to me is taking it too far.

Ban the guy from your game because he violated your Terms of Service, and tell him to !@#$ off. That should be the end of it. Do not leverage your power and try to punish him by asking other platforms to ban him. This is where it seems more petty and personal from EA rather than just banning a disrespectful or threatening player.

EA knows most YouTubers etc. do not have the stones or finances to be in a protracted legal dispute with a $30 billion company, but I hope Kurt0411 sues them anyway because I love anarchy that does not include physical violence or threats to persons.

Of course EA does not like when Kurt0411 or any gamer/YouTuber or influencer says anything negative about their games. No company does. But do not allegedly go after people’s other means of earning income outside your purview. Just ban him, if you so desire and move on.

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