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Borderlands 3 Patch 4 Sanctuary Fast Travel Menu Bug Workaround

*Update* new video with a possible workaround until Gearbox deploys a fix.

Borderlands 3’s Patch 4, released on November 21, 2019, has an irritating bug which prevents fast travel back to Sanctuary.

This patch increases bank slots to 300 and I have upgraded to 120 so far, but I need a lot more in-game cash to buy more slots. I need a little over $4 million to buy the next 20 slots. It’s going to take some grinding and not respec-ing for a while to save up enough in-game cash to buy my way to 300 slots.

The Sanctuary teleport bug is really frustrating because that is the only location for the bank, while Pandora has a respec machine, which can be used as an alternate, no other location has a bank. So, if you collect new gear, you will have to hold on to it until Gearbox deploys a hotfix.

Also in the update is the Maliwan Blacksite mission, which is good up to the boss fight. I have failed this mission about five times.

The last boss, Wotan The Invincible, is unique and will take a fast, powerful and knowledgeable team to kill him. Or maybe just watch a YouTube video to get the knowledge, but you will still have to be fast and powerful.

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