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Valve Announces Half-Life: Alyx VR Game

Valve Software joined Twitter in June 2019 and this is their first tweet:

Valve makes a lot of money from Steam, more than it has ever made from Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Portal, Left 4 Dead and their respective sequels combined. They do not need to make games anymore because Steam has evolved into the biggest and most profitable PC gaming digital distribution platform in the world.

Valve is also a big proponent of Virtual Reality (VR) and their Valve Index VR gaming hardware seems to be selling well.

With this Half-Life: Alyx VR announcement, it seems like Valve’s new strategy is focused on using it’s old IPs to market it’s VR hardware products.

Half-Life is Valve’s most beloved gaming title, so they are starting with a Half-Life VR game. Portal seems like a natural fit for VR, so a Portal VR game should not be far behind. They should just create a new Orange Box VR bundle with Half-Life, Portal etc.

Anyway, this announcement just feels like a move by Valve to sell more Valve Index VR Kit hardware, and less about the actual game itself.

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