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An Adequate Zane Drone and Clone Build

I was finally able to complete Slaughter Shaft in Borderlands 3, while playing Zane with the Digi-Clone and SNTNL (Drone) Action Skills. Of course this would not have been possible for me had Gearbox not increased the effectiveness of the Digi-Clone by 50 percent and the SNTNL by 39 percent about a month ago.

I have completed Slaughter Shaft before, solo and co-op with Amara, but I found it difficult to complete as Zane because he’s so squishy.

And because of this squishiness, I (reluctantly) decided to put more points in the Under Cover skill tree, but since I am doing a modified Clone and Drone build, I did not select the Barrier Action Skill.

My Zane build is still not as powerful as my Amara build, but it is just as fun. However, I do not consider it the best build because I do not have access to Zane’s best ability, Double Barrel, which equips the Digi-Clone with a copy of Zane’s current weapon when activated. And with a weapon like the Brainstormer, the Digi-Clone is godly.

The search for the “perfect” Zane build for my skill level, continues. But, for now, this build is quite efficient, durable, sufficiently deadly and satisfying.

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