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The Walking Dead – The Final Season

I am dissatisfied with the ending of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead – The Final Season…

One of the most independent and resourceful characters in video game history deserved better.

Caveat: I am assuming the game does not have multiple “good” endings, because in the past, The Walking Dead did not really have multiple story arcs, just pseudo “your-choice-matters” options that lead you down pre-determined linear paths.

This scenario still exist in The Walking Dead – The Final Season. Essentially, some of the major enemy characters have plot armor and I do not think I could’ve changed Clementine’s fate.

Anyway, after finishing the game I felt dissatisfied because I wanted a better ending for one of the most iconic characters in video game history. And I think a similar but personally more rewarding ending could have been achieved if they changed a few little details about the origin of Alvin Jr.

I admit that my preferred ending would’ve been too “Hollywoody” and may not be as good as the ending the game’s writers ultimately came up with, but, I do not care. I wanted a better ending for Clementine. She should’ve walked off the stage like a Gordon Freeman (Half-Life), like a female Commander Shepard* (Mass Effect) or Lara Croft.

But, I guess in the end, video games are not supposed to give you exactly what you want, but rather entertain and be memorable. And The Walking Dead – The Final Season is memorable.

The Walking Dead – The Final Season is very good and I am glad I was able to finish the game despite having Epic Games Launcher issues after completing the first two of four episodes. The game still does not launch from my games library, but somehow launches from the Epic Games Launcher home page quick launch menu.

*I have played Mass Effect 1 and 2, but not 3, so I do not know Commander Shepard’s ultimate fate. In other words, I do not know if she got the ending she deserved either.

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