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Epic Games Store Launcher Issues

The Walking Dead - The Final Season

I have purchased three games so far from the Epic Games Store: Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus and The Walking Dead – The Final Season.

I have played many hours of Borderlands 3, while experiencing daily crashes to desktop. Metro Exodus was a graphical mess at launch, but I hope it has been patched since I last played because I want to finish that game.

However, trying to complete The Walking Dead – The Final Season has been one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I have encountered in a long time. And it makes me weary about purchasing anymore games from the Epic Games Store in the near future.

Initially The Walking Dead would not launch, I just observed a black loading screen with a small static icon in the corner and a “Not responding” message in my computer’s Task Manager window.

The Walking Dead - The Final Season
The Walking Dead – The Final Season

Then miraculously The Walking Dead finally launched after some combination of uninstall/re-install/verify files and restart computer.

After playing two episodes, I am back in limbo and the game will not launch.

Going forward, I may have to place Epic Games Store as the next to last option to purchase a new game, right in front of Gamestop and Lucifer’s Game Emporium…

Anyway, since I purchased The Walking Dead on sale, I am not overly upset about not being able to play it right now. I figure it will miraculously start working again one day when I turn on my computer and try to launch it. If it were Borderlands 3, a $60 game? I would be very upset.

So in the future, going full retail for a AAA title on the Epic Games Store will be a next to last resort purchase. I may have to wait the six months for the game to show up on Steam.

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