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FaZe Jarvis Banned from Fornite

FaZe Jarvis went through a bunch of elaborate steps to try and avoid Fortnite cops, and still got busted.

I do not understand why he thought someone as popular as him, in that community, could post aimbotting videos on YouTube…

Anyway, in the aimbot video he talks as if his subscribers are his only viewers, while in reality most of his viewers are not his subscribers and they probably reported him to Fortnite PD.

The people who use aimbot always try to make it seem like they do not normally use it or it’s on an alt-account/spare computer etc.

But the truth is, they probably use it on a main computer after testing on a spare computer to see how fast SkyNet can track them. Once the coast is clear, they put it on their main computer, win a bunch of games and earn a lot of money.

And the incentive is money. Back in the day it was cheat to win or top score, now tournament money and big contracts are available.

Funny thing is, I do not know if this guy or people like him are actually good at the games they play. Because how do I know when they started cheating? Should I believe them when they say it’s only one time or it was just for making videos etc?

The spare computers admission makes me wonder if this is standard operating procedure in the competitive gaming industry.

Anyway, I do not think his ban will last forever. He’s part of a big clan, I am sure they will make a few calls and Fortnite will say message sent, your ban has been reduced to six months. And everyone will forget about this in two weeks.

Or maybe the ban will be reduced to two weeks and everyone will forget about the cheating in six months.

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