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Valve Is Fighting Back Against The Epic Games Store

Valve is not taking this Epic Games Store competition lying down, the Bellevue, WA company has signed some great deals recently.

Partnering up with Bungie to release Destiny 2 on Steam, and now they are bringing Electronic Arts’ catalog to Steam.

Getting EA is a coup for Valve. I think a lot of companies do realize that Valve is THE PC games storefront, like it or not, with over 16 years in the business.

It will take Epic Games Store a few more years to have the audience and feature rich platform that Valve has, so some companies are probably taking that into consideration when weighing the pros and cons of paying Valve 30 percent off the top.

And a giant like EA probably worked out a better deal with Valve than the usual deals that smaller companies have to sign.

Hopefully the competition between Valve and Epic Games results in more sales and discounts on games.

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