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The Division 2 Is The Most Disappointing Game Of The Year

Massive held a State of the Game stream yesterday for The Division 2, and I realized that after playing 2,000 hours of The Division 1, regularly and consistently, I have not played The Division 2, except the beta and the free weekend.

Anyway, in the stream they talked about a whole bunch of stuff that made the first game great, but for some reason are not in the second game…

I was very excited for The Division 2, especially since the setting would be in another city that I am familiar with, Washington DC. But, after playing The Division 2 beta, I quickly noticed two things: the gunplay was excellent, but the skills-based PVE gameplay was not very good.

Luckily, as a consumer, I was able to ascertain this from playing the beta and make a comparison with my The Division 1 experience.

Playing The Division 2 beta, I realized that the gunplay was improved, but the PVE skills-play was not smooth and outrageous, like in the first game. In The Division 1, you could join a team as a support class and actually contribute to completing missions.

In The Division 2 beta, there was no such distinction, the focus was only on getting your agent to deal as much damage as possible. Then add the drone that repairs armor and one other skill, and you were set.

So, basically all the agents were the same. Just roll high damage and start a mission. Unlike The Division 1, where you could actually build support loadouts for PVE.

When The Division 2 goes on sale (less than $29.99), I may pick it up, but what I am really waiting for, is the next game in the series and hoping it’s similar to the first game.

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