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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta “Review”

I enjoyed the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta mainly due to the fun achieved in hunting new gear and the stellar gunplay.

But I do not know if it’s enough for me to purchase the game, because I played Ghost Recon Wildlands, so Breakpoint seems very similar.

I am guessing if I never played Wildlands, Breakpoint would seem fresh, and would probably be a day one purchase.

I may still end up getting it, but at a reduced price, because I loved searching for loot and shooting NPCs. And I would like to experiment with the four classes and see how different builds affect gameplay.

After I started leveling up, I realized that playing on Extreme Difficulty was the way to go. That difficulty setting offered the most rewarding gameplay, even though I cannot shoot straight.

I did not play co-op, which I would want to try out while playing a support role. And I did not get the Sync Drone, which would have helped tremendously in clearing some tough outposts.

It was a fun beta, but because I am a Wildlands veteran, it was not an entirely new experience. However, the loot system, potential class builds and gunplay has me intrigued, but at a lower price point, sometime after launch.

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