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Borderlands 3 Official Launch Trailer

As long as this game is more like the original and less like “the funny one” (Borderlands 2), it should be a rollicking good time.

I purchased the original on PS4, had a blast. And then purchased it again on Steam and had a blast.

I know Borderlands 2 has it’s fans, but I do not remember it as fondly. Maybe it’s because I found Handsome Jack very irritating. I wish there was a way, he could’ve been killed and go away permanently.

Anyway, I wanted to wait to get the game on Steam, but the launch date on Steam is April 2020…So, I purchased a copy from the Epic Games Store yesterday.

FL4K seems to the be pre-launch choice for many fans of the series, but I will play them last. I will play Amara first, as an ode to Lilith, my favorite vault hunter from the original.

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