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The Surge 2 Alpha Gameplay

The Surge 2 is set in Jericho City, a city under quarantine by the A.I.D.

Since I did not play The Surge, I have no idea who the A.I.D. are, but I am intrigued by the role playing elements and the alternate routes to completing missions in The Surge 2.

Add loot and character customization and I am leaning towards a buy, even though I don’t usually enjoy souls-like games due to my trash gaming skills.

The Surge 2 comes out September 24, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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  1. As I didn’t play with The Surge,” I have zero ideas the A.I.D.are,” but I’m interested with the character playing factors along with the alternative paths to finishing assignments while in the Surge 2.


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