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Anthem’s Player Test Server Is A Colossal Waste Of Time

Anthem is currently going thru a labored Public Test Server phase, which typical for Anthem ever since launch, is a gigantic waste of time.

The Cataclysm event is testing…Honestly nobody cares what it’s testing. Anthem players want loot, more loot and higher grade loot that the mathematically-challenged devs promised in their last live stream.

Anthem is still being administered by people who continue to make incredibly poor business decisions. The game continues to bleed players and the decision makers would rather take two months to test an event/map that nobody cares about, instead of increasing the loot drop frequency and add maps similar to the Heart of Rage (minus the teleporting boss) and Tyrant Mine.

Anthem needs more quick missions which can be completed in 20 mins or less. Players quitting missions before end stage is indicative of the tediousness of playing an entire mission, especially on the highest level, Grandmaster 3.

What they should do is rework the end stages of missions, so they are more rewarding and less irritating to complete (Heart of Rage). Not, add new missions that take even more time, have more stages and puzzles (The Sunken Cell).

These days I just log into Anthem to check patch notes and make sure I am not missing any updates, but I do not actually play the game while BioWare runs Early Access tests on a game that launched four months ago.

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