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Watch Dogs: Legion E3 2019 Gameplay Walkthrough

First things first, playing as Helen (old woman) will probably be good for some lols, but I became really interested in this game when I saw Naomi’s gameplay. The hand to hand combat and gunplay sold me.

Also permadeath adds a different dynamic to this game, because I am sure I will have favorite characters that I do not want to lose. Hopefully a quick save and quick load (save) will help avoid those situations, but that probably will not be the case.

Since we will be able to recruit whomever we want, the permadeath could be unavoidable, and cannot be defeated by a quick F5/F9.

My other concern is the English accent/dialect, it can be a bit much if it’s spoken by the wrong voice. So, I can see myself hating a character just because I do not like how they are voiced by the voice actor.

So, I am upgrading my whole outlook on Watch Dogs: Legion from meh, to interested. This is coming out March 6, 2020.

Talking about favorite characters dying:

Once I was playing Skyrim and Lydia died! I did not know she could actually die, because she would always get up, after being downed.

Anyway, I went back to an old save and replayed hours of gameplay because I was not going to play Skyrim without Lydia. Not going to happen.

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