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Is Uplay Plus Worth It?

I think Uplay Plus (Uplay+) at $14.99 per month is only kinda-sorta worth it for the everyday gamer, if Ubisoft publishes three AAA titles or more per year. Anything less and the value will have to be secured via Ubisoft’s back catalog.

And getting value from a back catalog is an iffy proposition, because we all have games in our various libraries that we swear we are going to complete one day…but we never do.

In other words, we value new games and want to play them. So, if we pay $14.99 per month for 12 months, that’s approximately $180.00, which equates to three AAA games at $59.99 each.

So, if Ubisoft only releases one or two games next year, a UPlay Plus subscriber will pay for a third game that does not exist. Or from Ubisoft’s perspective, they can effectively sell three AAA titles each year, without actually publishing three AAA titles in a given year.

But, it may still be “worth it” to the gamer that likes to play games “early” and have guaranteed access to Alphas and Betas.

If you are not that kind of gamer, it is probably just an unnecessary monthly outlay.

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