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Anthem’s Public Test Server Launches Without New Legendary Loot

Anthem Cataclysm Gameplay

Anthem’s Public Test Server launched yesterday, but it does not have what I am looking for, yet. Which is new legendary loot.

The developers chose to not add new legendary loot at the launch of the Public Test Server, but will add them later in the first patch, because reasons…

Apparently, BioWare wants us to check out the Cataclysm first, and know how to play it, before patching in loot…

BioWare knows Anthem fans are annoyed about the loot drop rate and have been asking for more loot since the game launched, yet BioWare continues to make it difficult to get loot. And when asked about loot, the developers act dismissive and sensitive.

Hopefully they add the new loot in a week or two, which should raise power levels by 5. So, legendaries should go from 75 to 80, based on my math or only up to 76, based on BioWare’s math

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