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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Breakpoint…

Wildlands 2?

First things first, it looks like Wildlands. So, why not just call it Wildlands 2?

I get it, it’s probably better business to create another franchise in the Ghost Recon multiverse, so that way Ubisoft can have both Breakpoint and Wildlands. But, maybe in this instance, its not such a good idea, because this game looks way too similar to Wildlands.

Anyway, I must admit, it was cool when the protagonist pulled that Arnold Schwarzenegger move from the Predator though. But, when he pulled out the drone, I got transported back to Wildlands…

In the old days, this game would be a Ghost Recon Wildlands expansion update.

The shooting looks and sound legit though. So, sales may not be impacted by the similarities between the games, if the gameplay is good.

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