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Google Stadia GDC 2019 Announcement

Google Stadia GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

This is Skynet right? I love everything they said in the video, but I feel like this is a trap…:)

Seriously, though, Stadia sounds like an amazing gaming platform, and if it works the way Google claims it will work, what does that mean for traditional consoles? Will they become obsolete? Are console exclusives now a thing of the past?

Will Sony and Microsoft just allow Google to stream their games on the Stadia platform?

I understand that Stadia has third party partners (Ubisoft, Id etc.), but will they also partner with Sony and Microsoft? And if they cannot, how will that affect Stadia’s world domination plans?

It is a pretty ambitious effort, in a largely unregulated industry, but I am not so sure I want any one company to control all of gaming. And what happens when my internet goes down? I will not be able to stream my single player game…

I know we are way down that road, but it is still annoying knowing gamers need an internet connection to play single player games.


One obvious part Google left out of it’s Stadia presentation, is that Stadia is actually a game store. So, yes, you can watch an official trailer and click play to play the game, but I would assume you have to buy it first. Or maybe gamers will get access with some kind of Google live service subscription.

My prediction is Stadia will be one of the game stores/platforms we use for gaming, and will not totally take over everything. Because Microsoft is in the midst of buying up game studios, so I am sure they and Sony with all it’s exclusives will have something to say about Skynet Stadia’s gaming revolution.

I must commend Google on the Stadia controller buttons, even though they should’ve made the sticks layout, the same as the Xbox One controller. At least they did not pull a Nintendo, and have YBAX letters, but on different buttons…

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