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Anthem’s Loot System is Not Bugged


Anthem’s loot system is not bugged, and anyone who is trying to scientifically analyze it, is missing the obvious clue.

Electronic Arts Inc is a publicly listed company. That means, they are in the business of making money for themselves and their shareholders.

That is why they are constantly adjusting the loot drop rate, trying to find the balance between keeping people interested in the game and maximizing microtransaction (MTX) opportunities.

They have made frequent server-side adjustments, trying to find the right balance. And when the Internet detectives on Reddit notice a difference in the loot drop rate, they immediately think bug!

Then game journalists write articles stating the same…

There is no loot drop rate bug. Well, not in the traditional sense. I believe Anthem’s devs are constantly making changes on the server side, to see what works best for their financial plan, adjusting as they go.

And because of these adjustments, players may get excess rewards in a certain time frame. But they think it’s unintentional because of EA’s reputation with gamers. So, it must be a bug.


Since EA informed investors about Anthem, at their last quarterly conference call, in February. Investors are going to query Anthem’s money making ability, at the next conference call, on May 7, 2019.

If Anthem’s quarterly numbers aren’t great, a free to play model may be next. Similar to Fortnite or Firefall, a game I am sure the Bioware developers have never heard of…Because, I mean, is not like there are clear Firefall gameplay references in Anthem.

Anyway, if Bioware had launched Anthem as free to play, they would be getting less static about the loot drop rate. And they would probably be more successful in selling cosmetics.

So, long story short, EA/Bioware launched Anthem with the wrong financial model, and now they are having difficulty adjusting to market conditions.

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