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Moon Hunters Giveaway

Moon Hunters

Moon Hunters Steam giveaway.


  1. Too many thanks NICK ^^
    But how many participants and entries are there in these giveaways?
    Or am I that I’m lucky this month or there are very few people to participate since it’s already the third (Sexy Brutale, Beholder, Moon Hunter) despite participating with only 1 entries …


    • The giveaways average about 15 participants. Its not like Steamgifts with hundreds or even thousands of participants.
      And almost everyone does one entry.
      Several other people have won twice already, so when they win again, they will join you as three time winners.
      Another 18 giveaways are scheduled, after they end, I will look at the numbers and see if there are any trends.
      Right now, I am just letting the plugin do it’s thing and see what happens.


      • For this giveaway, there were 17 participants and I check a box telling the plugin to automatically pick a winner and notify the winner:

        If that automatic option was not available, I would not be able to do the giveaways, because it would be too time consuming.
        I would have to keep a spreadsheet of who won before and when, and who have not won etc.
        I want the giveaways to be set it and forget it, otherwise it would require too much maintenance.


  2. Thanks for the very complete answer,
    at least now I know that I won because there are few people,
    for this month I was lucky, previously I won only Doom in January last year.
    Many Thanks again ^^


      • The main reason I like the thank you or acknowledgement, is that it gives feedback and let me and others know the giveaways are working.

        So, thank you for saying thanks. 🙂


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