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The Division 2 Marksman Rifle is Perfect for PVE (Beta)

The Division 2

There is no doubt the success or failure of The Division 2 will depend largely on the gunplay. The bullet-sponginess of the first game (one of my all time favorite games), is universally hated.

The reason why I loved The Division so much, while others expressed more mixed feelings, is because I played mainly support and high electronics geared layouts, which are less dependent on firearms.

I enjoyed The Division 2’s gunplay during last month’s private beta, while using rifles, especially the Marksman Rifle. Neutralizing low level NPCs with one shot, or being dropped by enemy snipers made the gunplay and gameplay quite fun.

However, this did not extend to the Mech Dogs, because it was hard to tell if shots were registering on them. And it’s also not as much fun shooting Mech enemies, as it is shooting human NPCs.

The enemy’s reaction to being shot, has a lot to do with the satisfaction of shooting them. For example, the human NPCs curse at you, threaten you etc., while the Mech, being a robot, says nothing…Mechs just run around and try to outflank you.

If the Mechs do talk, they did not say anything memorable, funny or threatening.

Anyway, even though I am ready for The Division 2, I think the refined bullet-sponginess, as seen in the private beta, is still a little too bullet-spongy when using automatic weapons. Using rifles, is a lot less irritating.

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