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Anthem Javelin Painting

Painting Javelins

Painting a Javelin suit, is one of the most enjoyable things that can be done in Anthem.

I have spent several hours in the Forge, trying to recreate some of my favorite superheros and movie characters. The main drawback right now, is that you can only have five painted suits saved, per Javelin.

And because I have decided to only play Ranger and Storm, I can only save ten painted suits.

“The Predator”

Painting Javelins is a great way to enjoy the game, without actually going on missions. And I hope the Forge is improved in the future to allow even more customization of the Javelins.

For example, I would like to paint my Storm Javelin as Superman, and make the cape and lower leg area red, without having the red, bleed into other areas of the suit, which should remain blue, like the real Superman.

I say all this to say, Anthem is great. The biggest drawback for me are the loading screens to start/end missions, to enter the Forge and the lobby area.

Maybe there are technical limitations necessitating all the loading points, but to me, it seems more of a design choice, because they wanted to include more RPG elements in the game. Like the loquacious NPCs, whose dialogue, 99.99% of players will skip, just to get to the part where they can accept a contract.

Accepting contracts in Anthem, should’ve been implemented more like it is in MMOs. Just load up on contracts in an in-game lobby, and be off on your merry way, never coming back to Fort Tarsis, unless you want to paint your suit.

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