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Display Giveaway Winners

The Black Death
The Black Death

TL/DR: I turned off “Display Winner”, otherwise the giveaway plugin status is normal. Plugin selects a winner and emails them.

I disabled “Display Winner” for the giveaway plugin, because it is buggy. Sometimes it does not show the winner, and sometimes it shows the winners entire email address…

Anyway, according to the plugin author, it may be a cache issue on my end, and he probably is right, because no other user of the plugin is currently complaining about Display Winner…

So, for now, I have turned off Display Winner. I will post some screenshots, especially for the bigger games.

Congrats to The Black Death and F.E.A.R Platinum giveaway winners. They have been sent an email notification by the plugin.

Winners List
Winners List

In the past, I had to email winners. That’s why “Winners Notified” by the plugin (6), vs actual “Selected Winners” (43). Not counting the winners from giveaways I ran with a different plugin, or the 314 giveaways I have done on Steamgifts.

Steamgifts Giveaways
Steamgifts Giveaways

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