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Metro Exodus’ Demanding PC Graphics Requirements

Artyom & Anna

I experienced some annoying graphical issues when playing Metro Exodus. In fact, I spent more time trying to get the graphics right, instead of actually playing the game.

Metro Exodus is quite fun and reminds me of past games I really enjoyed, like the Half-Life series. I have not played Metro 2033 or Metro Last Light yet.

Speaking of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, they have been review-bombed into the next century by Steam users, because of Deep Silver’s one year exclusive deal with the Epic Games Store.

The graphics are not terrible, quite the contrary, they are great, but very demanding. Similar to when Crysis launched in 2007, Metro Exodus is making me think about getting a new graphics card…

My gaming computer is an I7 5830X, with a GTX 980 graphics card, and I have to play on medium settings to eliminate stuttering in Metro Exodus. I can play on high settings in other games, with a few trade offs.

The medium setting actually looks ok. Graphically it’s more closer to medium-high, than plain medium.

Yeah, but why am I still stuttering?

Based on the system requirements, I should be good to go graphically, but that was not the case. Hopefully, there is a graphics patch on the way to optimize the game.

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