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The Division 2 – White House Base of Operations

Gunplay is A+

The Division 2 beta gunplay, in the early stages, is awesome. Maybe later on the gunplay will return to super-bullet sponge mode at higher levels, but early on it is very satisfying.

I played about two hours yesterday. The first hour was spent in game setup, specifically adjusting the graphics to get a steady framerate (60 fps). And also checking out the menus and leveling up options.

The second hour was spent completing some early missions, and the gunplay really stood out. Especially when I picked up a sniper rifle rifle in one of the bathrooms. Just pure awesomeness.

I am going to wait until the game comes out March 15, before completing all the leveling up missions, because I want to give myself something to look forward to.

I have seen enough, The Division 2 is awesome because firing a weapon is amazing.

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