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The Division 2 – End Game Overview

This The Division 2 overview includes info on The Black Tusks, the end game, specialization and loadouts.

I am very intrigued by the 8-player coop raid end game, which should be included in normal non-endgame gameplay, for select missions. But, that probably will not happen until year two…

Anyway, It’s good to hear that players are not going to be locked into specializations and will be able to switch loadouts like in The Division.

They should take it a step further, and, unlike The Division, allow loadout switch during a battle. In a lot of instances, if a player recognizes that his team needs a medic, he cannot switch to Reclaimer, because reasons because the team is engaged with hostiles, so the loadout is locked…It’s irritating.

Why give players loadouts, then restrict it in that way?

Nothing is more annoying when trying to complete a level, and recognizing a requirement for a particular loadout, but then having to go into the menu and select each gear item, piece by piece…

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