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Metro Exodus – Artyom’s Nightmare Cinematic Trailer

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

There has been controversy surrounding Metro: Exodus, since Deep Silver decided to give the Epic Games Store a one year PC game exclusive.

Steam of course, put out some nonsense statement about fairness…

Pre-purchase Metro Exodus on Steam
Pre-purchase Metro Exodus on Steam

Oh, where were we? Check out this new Metro: Exodus cinematic trailer, Artyom’s Nightmare.

Artyom’s Nightmare

Anyway, I am still excited about the game, and I am going to purchase it on the Epic Games Store.

I downloaded the Epic Games Store launcher before the Metro decision, because I recognized that Epic Games was serious about challenging Steam.

I would prefer to just have one PC game launcher, but, when I purchase PC games, I look for deals. And I feel like Steam can offer better deals, but they do not. They are busy stacking all the 30 percent off-the-top profits they are making from developers.

So, I vote with my wallet, lowest price wins.

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