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Apex Legends Gameplay Overview Trailer

Apex Legends Overview

Respawn’s Apex Legends Battle Royale game launched yesterday, and it looks very cool.

It has a player death and respawn game mechanic, which adds a different dimension to the Battle Royale genre. I am not sure everyone will like that game mechanic in a Battle Royale game, but, in theory it should encourage more teamwork.

Anyway, I thought it would’ve been even more cool if the characters, in game, were cell-shaded, like in the picture below.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Apex Legends also includes classes and special abilities, which are not normally included in traditional Battle Royale games. Most Battle Royale games consists of grabbing a gun and outwitting your opponents.

Apex Legends has that, but players must now recognize different player characters and what unique abilities they may have. While in a traditional Battle Royale game, no one has “unique abilities,” unless they bought a pay to win ability from the in game store just maybe a better gun and/or aim.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Will it be a Fortnite killer, I doubt it. Because, until recently, I did not realize how much other factors (influencers etc.) come into play, in determining which games we all actually play. And game developers recognize this, that is why they sponsor influencers to play games before launch and tweet about it.

We are playing video games, selected for us

So, unless Fortnite influencers are going to totally abandon their current business partnerships, Apex will just have to take what’s left of the Battle Royale gaming pie. It may end up being best runner up, the second best Battle Royale game on the market.

Tyler Wildcat
Tyler Wildcat

And if I continue to peer into my crystal ball, I can see Apex Legends being awarded best new multiplayer game at The Game Awards in December.

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