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Metro: Exodus Overview and Longing for Half-Life

Metro Exodus

Metro: Exodus looks so good, it’s going to be game of the year in 2019, 2020, 2021…and 2036, the year in which the game’s story takes place. 🙂

Anyway, Metro: Exodus takes place over an entire year, in the game. So you will experience all four seasons, while completing the main mission.

According to the trailer, the story is a continent spanning journey of exploration and survival, with either run and gun or stealth gameplay. *Run and gun for me please!*.

The weapon customization looks sweet. It’s similar to Fallout 4’s weapon workshop, except in Metro: Exodus some modifications can be done while exploring.

Some Steam users are currently review bombing the old Metro games on Steam, and they will review bomb Metro: Exodus once it launches.

That’s the only hiccup I expect for this game, on it’s way to being a 2019 and 2036 Game of the Year contender.

After seeing the Metro: Exodus trailers, I can’t help but imagine what a Half-Life game would look like today, if Valve was not too busy sticking up kindergarteners for their lunch money collecting 30 percent gross from independent developers.

I like the idea of a train home base, while you travel across the continental wasteland battling mutated beasts, hostile factions and environmental hazards.

Every objective is narrative driven, the trailer claims. We’ll see, but so far so good.

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