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Metro: Exodus – One Year Epic Games Store Exclusive

Metro Exodus

Another day, another publisher has defected from Steam because of their outrageous 30 percent fee.

Metro: Exodus is now an Epic Games Store exclusive, for one year.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Steam posted this nonsense on the Metro: Exodus game page:

Pre-purchase Metro Exodus on Steam
Pre-purchase Metro Exodus on Steam

But Valve/Steam knows how to solve the overall situation. Match the deal the Epic Games Store is offering developers.

Valve has ruled the roost for 15 years, and made money hand over fist. Valve should make the right business decision here, and offer a competitive deal to game developers. Not post insincere public relations notices about things not being fair to gamers…

Anyway, if you pre-purchased the game on Steam, you will still get Metro: Exodus on Steam, and all future updates. But you are also getting hosed $10.00.

Metro: Exodus standard edition was $59.99 on Steam, but on the Epic Games Store it’s $49.99. Because of this, and this alone, I expect to see a massive review bombing of Metro: Exodus on Steam, when it launches.

I am not sure if Valve will allow all refunds, which is what I would be doing if I pre-purchased the game on Steam.

Anyway, Valve messed up when they stopped allowing Steam gift to inventory. That made price the only determining factor in purchasing a game on Steam. And Steam prices have not been the cheapest, in about two years.

I purchase my games now from Greenmangaming, Fanatical etc.

The PC gaming platform fight is just beginning, and I hope the benefit to consumers is cheaper games.

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