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The Division 2 Launch and Waiting in Line…

The Division 2
The Division 2

Massive Entertainment tweeted asking if anyone else is waiting for the upcoming The Division 2 launch, like agent Johnny whomever…

The Division 2
The Division 2

I know they meant well, but did they forget how horrendous The Division launch was? Especially for that very thing, waiting in line.

Massive decided to make you actually wait in line, in the game, to progress in the game…

After sorting out all the server-is-not-available nonsense, you finally get in game ready to rock and roll, only to find out there is an actual line you need to join. It was ridiculous.

And things like that held The Division back in the early stages, and stifled it’s success.

Game developers are undoubtedly smart individuals when it comes to coding, and creating these wonderful, imaginative worlds. But developers are absolutely clueless about what gamers actually like or do not like.

Developers enjoy some nonsense game mechanic in a controlled environment, and automatically think it will work in the real world, filled with self interested, oftentimes assholery type people.

So memo to Ubisoft/Massive: Nobody wants to wait in a line, in the game on launch day.

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