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The Epic Games Store vs Steam

The Matrix Revolutions - Neo Vs Agent Smith
Neo Vs Agent Smith

I reluctantly downloaded the Epic Games Launcher two days ago, and not for the free games every two weeks. I downloaded it because I realize the Epic Game Store, is an inevitability.

The deal they are offering developers, 87 percent of the revenue from the start, is superior to Steam’s industry standard 70 percent.

Although I would prefer to have one PC game launcher, I know competition is better for the consumer. And that’s what the Epic Game Store is, competition for Steam. And if they have a long term successful business model, PC gamers will benefit.

Valve is already feeling the heat, that is why they came out with a new revenue agreement recently. But it did not go far enough, for most developers, because only high revenue generating games from big developers would really benefit, after a certain threshold ($10M in sales).

And that was probably the real issue with Valve/Steam all along. Valve, considering its roots, did not do enough to help smaller developers, by offering them better revenue deals after the platform became successful and dominant.

No developer would be jumping to the Epic Game Store, if Valve offered a 90-10 revenue split. But a 70-30 (which I read Sony and Microsoft offer on their stores), why not jump?


I have not purchased a game on Steam, for my own account, in two years. I get most of my games from Greenmangaming. Once Valve decided to get rid of traditional gifting, for reasons…There was no reason to buy a game on Steam, other than price. Since I cannot save games in my inventory anymore.

So, if price is the deciding factor, the cheapest price wins. So, if it’s Greenmangaming, which has been the case a lot, then so be it. And in the future if the Epic Game Store, or Fanatical or GOG has the lowest prices, they will get my business.

Developers have been complaining about Steam for years, with Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford suggesting Valve spin off Steam as it’s own independent company, back in 2009.

Valve/Steam will of course, continue to make a lot of money, but maybe, they will do better by smaller developers. Give them a bigger share of the revenue for their games.

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