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Just Cause 4 – Fun Game of the Year

God of War was awarded Game of The Year, at The Game Awards 2018, and rightfully so. But, Just Cause 4, is the most fun you will have in gaming, right now.

Sure, it’s buggy on PC. It crashes sometimes, and some gamers on Steam can’t even start the game. And that is a very unfortunate reality of PC gaming sometimes. Look what happened with Fallout 76.

Anyway, after five play sessions, for a total of 20 hrs, Just Cause 4 is the most fun I have had in gaming this year.

Just Cause 4 does not get enough credit, for encouraging you to think about how to approach certain missions. Placing tethers, boosters, wingsuiting and grappling. It is great when an on-the-spot stunt pays off. And it is also great when it does not.

Just Cause 4 makes it fun for the player to be creative.

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