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AQUAMAN – Extended Trailer


Warner Bros. Pictures posted a 5 min video from the upcoming Aquaman movie, and it’s pretty good.

It feels kinda weird though, that they would show so much.
It reminds me of when they totally mismanaged the Batman v Superman release, and gave away the entire plot in their trailers.

DC and Warner Bros. know how much money Marvel is making, and they probably want to be on the same level whenever they release a movie. So, it is probably frustrating for them when their releases dont get the pre-hype that Marvel does. But rushing your cinematic universe and releasing spoilery trailers is not the answer.

Marvel showed them the formula. Patiently phase in your heros, and then make your collaboration movie. Just be patient, your studio is a going concern, you dont need to start making Avengers level money, just 3-4 movies in.

It’s funny that DC has made two decent films already, Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. And Aquaman looks like it’s going to be ok as well, yet their cinematic universe is rudderless because they are greedy and impatient…

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