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X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer

Dark Phoenix

The X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer is the most boring comic book trailer released this year. Its like Thor: New World level lame.

The X-Men cartoon is one the most radical cartoons that ever existed, but these movies man…Just terrible.

And I think it has to do with casting decisions. They have an Oscar winner (Jennifer Lawrence) in house, playing a minor character, but because Jennifer Lawrence is major leagues, they have to make Mystique a central character. It’s ridiculous. No X-Men fan cares about Mystique. Ok. Nobody.

Jennifer Lawrence should’ve been Rogue. One of the more popular, and more importantly, powerful X-Men.

They also tried to hide those new X-Men kits. They look like hot garbage. Like the whole team is wearing some low budget sport bras.

I thought they would wait and take the opportunity to reboot the franchise, since Disney purchased Fox’s movie business. But, I guess they wanted one more try to flop.

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