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How Strong Is Spider-Man Anyway?

Spider-Man PS4

The webslinging in Spider-Man 2018 (PS4) is fantastic and the outside game world, night or day, is alive and beautiful.

The indoor scenes, however, played as Peter Parker, are not as beautiful. Plus, they include the main time wasting game time extending puzzles/mini-games.

The main aspect of the game, fighting, is not as good or satisfying as the fighting in the Batman Arkham series. The stealth gameplay is fun, but going full throttle hand to hand, is underwhelming.

I think this is because Spider-Man is too weak. His physical strength fluctuates based on what he is doing…

He attempts to stop two mid-size delivery trucks from leaving a location, by simply webbing them and pulling. But he also needs finisher-type moves to dispatch a thug in a T-shirt… Just punching that man three or four times is not enough.

I totally understand that later in game, he may get more powerful against human targets, but that is the issue. He should already be powerful against them, since he has been Spider-Man for eight years, in game. And being able to flip and catch a speeding car in one move, should equate to 2-3 piece combo-ing human targets from day one, fight one.

Dont get me wrong, its a very good game, and seems as if it will satisfy completionists and stealth gamers. But, the fighting against everyday human targets, in the streets and on roof tops, was laborious, because Spider-Man’s punching power was less than adequate.

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