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This is Battlefield V Trailer from Nvidia

It’s amazing that a game that looks this polished and offering so much (several multiplayer game modes, vehicular play plus single player), is having such difficulty with pre-orders.

I understand the whole SJW backlash, but still, most people would still buy a game, even if it slightly offends their sensibilities.

The game looks outstanding and action-packed, but as some have suggested, they need to stake out their own part of the calendar to launch each year vs going up against Call of Duty. And launching earlier in the year would be best.

It’s funny that they have several multiplayer game modes (Final Stand, Airborne, Breakthrough, Domination, Frontlines, Conquest Assault, Conquest and Team Deathmach), when everyone will just play Team Deathmatch…Like why even bother adding anything else?

All that time should’ve been spent creating a real connected single player campaign.

The Singleplayer War Stories has four missions at launch, Prologue, Nordlys, Tirailleur, Under No Flag and a fifth, The Last Tiger scheduled for post launch.

The trailer showed an engineer type class building fortifications and repairing bridges etc., without getting shot in the head by a sniper, which is totally not believable…

Anyway, the game looks beautiful, but I am not sure how many people are going to buy it. If I do purchase it, I will try to remember to get it for my PS4, since these games live on like zombies on consoles. A fact, I learned only like a year ago.

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