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The Division’s Most Difficult PVE End Game

The Division

Madison Field Hospital is the most difficult non-DLC PVE end game in The Division.

Back in the day, Napalm Production Site end game was the standard, before immunity mods on medic bags tamed the fire in the building.

Madison Field Hospital’s end game is on another level, with high-powered sniper rifles, and distortion spamming which limits skill use.

The enemy agents also hack turrets and seeker mines, spam stick bombs and strategically flank players. They also heal themselves frequently, and add a Hunter to this mix, and it can be a nightmare scenario, that leads to frequent mission failures.

Cover is essential because their sniper rifles do major damage.

Madison Field Hospital is a challenging end game, and I hope The Division 2 will have similar end games, with adjustments to counter player exploit, like my team and I did in the below video (we fell back, trapped the Hunter, and eliminated him).

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