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ANTHEM = Firefall + Borderlands

BioWare spent 10 years trying to make a new IP, and then said, f!ck it, let’s just copy Firefall and Borderlands…

I am going to play ANTHEM because it has co-op. But I am not going to pretend like this is ground breaking territory here.


By the way, #RIP to #DaysGone, we hardly knew ye.
That’s right. ANTHEM and Days Gone have the same release date, 2/22/2019. That means I will be getting Days Gone on a PS4 Summer Sale.

It was funny listening to the ANTHEM developers talk about game mechanics from 10 yrs ago, like they just Christoper Columbused it.
I wanted to say, my guy, Borderlands already did the single player/four player co-op, drop in and drop out a decade ago. You dont need to pretend like you guys engineered it…

So, yeah the question and answer section was borderline Destiny’s “we invented video game” territory. It was ridiculous.
Anyway, since I like the single player/four player co-op drop in and drop out scenario, I am in.

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