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BumbleBee Trailer


Transformers was/is my favorite cartoon of all time. I wanted G1 Transformers from day one, but they decided to just do whatever with the live-action movies they released, starting with Transformers in 2007.

I guess now they are trying to do G1, because this movie is set in 1987. BumbleBee, of course, is in it, as well as Starscream, based on the trailer.

And no doubt Optimus Prime will show up. But, I wonder if Megatron is in it, and what will he look like? Real Megs or Michael Bay roach-looking Megatron?

Anyway, the trailer DID NOT get me hyped, so I will probably see it on HBO after it’s run in the theaters.

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  1. It did get me hyped.
    And I gave up on Michael Bay’s Transformers after the second movie.
    Will definitely watch it.


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